Saturday, May 23, 2015

Freedom (que William Wallace screaming)

Remember Brave Heart? William Wallace on his horse, blue painted face, fro-ed out hair, crazy eyes....Frrreeeeedooom!! He was not going down. He was pumped up and ready to fight to the death for his freedom. Of course that is exactly what happened, he died a painful awful disgusting death, but that isn't my point. It's that moment, when you can feel his gnarly desperation for freedom.

Have you ever felt it? That suffocating, like, "I can't breath in here" feeling? Like if you looked in the mirror in that moment you would probably be blue faced and crazy eyed just like William Wallace, cause you can't get any air. It's the feeling of being caged. The feeling of your soul being held in by the shell of your body. Like it just needs to BUST out already. It's tired of being suffocated under all that flesh and bone. But it's not really the body that's keeping it caged, it's you.

I think this superficial world we live in makes us think it is really difficult to break free. Like we are trapped and there is nothing we can do about it. It is what it is, the world we live in. But really, the door to the cage isn't even locked. If you weren't afraid of what everyone else would think of you, you could wiggle right out of those chains and break free.

It's not all that easy peasy though. I mean even though the door isn't locked it is a pretty narrow door. You could get a little scratched and scrapped squeezing through. You might bruise yourself a bit twisting free from the chains. You might even need to leave something behind so you can make it through the door. It could be a little scary. "What's on the other side of the door, outside of my cage? Is it actually safer in here? It is kind of cozy...maybe it's not so bad...I could get used to this no air thing if I had to." But you know that's not true. If you don't make a break for it you're dead meat. So you close your eyes, take a breath, make the sign of the cross and go...and're out...and naked as a new born baby.

"Awwhhhh, it feels so good to be free! This is what life is. This is who I am. I've always known I was in there, but it was so hard to see me, or feel me, under all of the stuff the world pretends is important." Awwwhhh, you close your eyes and breath that new life giving crisp sweet air. "Wow, I am so glad I made it through that door. I never could have imagined what life was like outside." You want to shout to your friends...the ones still in their cages..."You guys, come out!  Seriously, it's awesome. No one is weirded out by it, and even if they are, who cares. You are finally who you are meant to be. Take a deep breath and do it! Join me!"

Freedom is not a myth. Freedom is what we are meant to live in. Freedom feels so good. Be who you are friends. Be who you are under all of the stuff. That is who God made you to be. He wants you to live free. Free of fear, of worry, of self imposed stifling and criticism. Free to love yourself, love your people, love your neighbor. Free to enjoy this fleeting life.


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