Friday, May 15, 2015

I Must Be a Mermaid

"I must be a mermaid.  I have no fear of depths and a great fear of shallow living" ~ Anais Nin

Oh Anais, you hit the nail on the head!  I always knew I was a mermaid, and this quote just confirmed it.  As a young girl I would pretend that I was a mermaid...lots of little girls do I'm sure.  I would dream of swimming through a clear blue ocean, little fish and sea turtles moving effortlessly beside me.  My long golden brown hair trailing behind me.  My tail glistening as the sun peeked through the water.  Of course, as I got older, those fantasies faded.  But I have always found strength and solace in the ocean.  That soul cleansing smell, the mind soothing sounds, the great vastness, strength and beauty, the mystery and lore.  Everything about the ocean has always been my most favorite of God's creations.

The ocean heals.  Physically, mentally, spiritually.  As the waves pull in and out, tumble and crash so does your soul if you let it.  The water washes away the stress and frustration of living in this broken shallow world.  I realize now, that is part of the beauty, part of why my soul longs for the ocean and feels complete when it's near.  The depth.  The depth reminds me. I have depth, I have a soul that craves meaning and purpose.  We all do. We just ignore it.

Our lives, the day to day, are so often focused on the "things" of the world.  Not the beauty, not the awe of it all, not togetherness, not why we are here or what we are meant for, not the stirrings of our souls.  The things...the to do lists, the work and commitments, what we need to accomplish.  Spare moments get filled following the news about your favorite celebrity, pinning your dream wardrobe or all of the cool home decor you will buy someday. Mindless, soul-less, nothingness.

It's time.  It is time for all of us that feel it, and know it deep inside, to make a change.  To say it out loud..."this is not what life is supposed to be, this is not enough!"  I will listen.  I will listen to the little girl inside, to the spirit that God gave me. The one who felt the stirring in her soul for as long as she can remember.  Although I live in this world, I do not have to "be" of this world.  I will be who I was meant to be, because I was meant to be her for a reason.  I have something, and you do too, that is supposed to be shared with this world we live in, to better it.  To remind it, that there is MORE.

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