Monday, May 18, 2015

Soul Sistas

Hey sista, go sista, soul sista, flow sista.....

I have one, a soul sista, she is awesomesauce. There is no one quite like her in my life, and she is a treasure to me. We live 3000 miles apart and haven't seen each other in something like 11 years. That sucks.

Most of us have a BFF right? Some of us have several.I am blessed to have a little group of very close friends that don't live 3000 miles away. I love them, for the most part we all "get each other". We encourage each other, we go to dinner occasionally for Girl's Night Out and drink wine. We support each other through the tough times in parenting or marriage or just try to cheer one another up if some one's having a crappy day. We make each other laugh. It's good stuff and I'm grateful for my birds of a feather.

But my bestie is my bestie. There is no other.We are separated by thousands of miles but still close enough to feel each other's moods and speak to each other telepathically. Okay, so I'm kind of exaggerating, but you know what I mean. It feels like that sometimes. She is kind of like a part of me. She sometimes reminds me of who I am when I forget (I told you I have a terrible memory). She knows when I'm hiding something (even from myself). She knows when I'm pretending to be strong. She can always tell when I'm anxious about something without me even saying it. She understands the weird shit I worry about, the dreams I have deep inside, the old and the new, she is my soul sista.

She seriously makes me laugh just by changing the inflection of her voice, because although I can't see her on the other end of the phone, I absolutely, without a doubt, know the facial expression she is making at that moment. We weren't sandboxers, didn't meet until our freshman year in high school. But when we did, it was like we had known each other forever. Like her heart and my heart had known each other a very long time. And, that was it. Friends till the end. Thelma and Lousie. Laverne and Shirley. She could make me laugh to the point of peeing on a daily basis. Literally..the two of us walking down the hall in high school. She, about 6 inches taller than me. She is likely wearing my favorite brown suede shoes (stretching them out just a bit) and I her favorite blue and white striped "Papa Don't Preach" tee shirt (even though we weren't exactly the same size we still shared). We're probably joking about something that only the two of us know about, or maybe a few others, or at the time (even though we are much more compassionate and mature now), we might have been snickering about some one's outfit or what a fool they made of themselves the weekend before. She would make some crazy animated face or say something to me in a weird voice and I would have to sit on the ground, arms wrapped around my legs, in the middle of the hall, so I wouldn't pee my pants.

So much has changed over the years. Both of us have grown up (mostly), become dedicated wives and doting mothers, decided which path we were going to take in life. We've gotten older, a little fatter, not quite as outrageous as we once were. But inside, it's still us. Same ol' crazy chicks. Same ol' dreamers. Sisters in the truest sense. If I believed in past lives I would say we've probably been doing life together for centuries.

Shout out to my soul sista!

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