Wednesday, May 20, 2015

The Gift

Okay, so let's get a few things straight. We are all works in progress. We are all a little battered and a little bruised. We all have strengths and weaknesses.  We all are a soul inside of  a body. INSIDE that body, where you find the soul, THAT is who you are.

Some of us live in this world and completely forget about our soul, our being. We think we are our skin and bones and minds. We think we are the jobs that we do everyday. We think we are the demographic that we fall into. We think we are limited.

We are only limited by our own fears. We are limited when we let the discomfort of growing pains hinder us from changing and stretching. We all, every single person in this entire world, have something that is meant to be shared. A gift inside of us that only we have. Sure, there are variations of the same gifts, lots of people with similar talents, but your gift, inside your soul, is one of a kind, made only for you. Because if you are brave enough, if you are strong enough to let it out and share your gift, you will change the world.

I'm not being idealistic by saying that. Changing the world doesn't necessarily have to be this HUGE world peace, end hunger and global warming, no more war, poverty or sickness thing. It can be little things. Brightening some one's day, helping some one think in a different way and expanding their horizons, letting people know they are not alone. It could be the way you work hard and get the job done right. It could be the way you think about things over and over again until you have just the right perspective or how you instinctually have the best perspective right from the start. It could be as simple as your smile, your knack for conversation, your patience or compassion. You might be a gifted teacher, or artist or mentor. There are soooo many things it could be. And honestly, I don't know that you have to be extraordinarily awesome at whatever your gift is. Like, just because it's your gift doesn't mean you have to win an Oscar or a Nobel Prize or something for it. I think you just need to feel it and know it and SHARE it.

It is often through struggle that we actually find our gift. I mean's not like you are born knowing what it is. Most of us wander, trying to figure out what we are good at, what we enjoy doing, what works for us. But we are usually looking in the wrong places and with the wrong parts of ourselves. We aren't looking for the things that spark a fire inside. We aren't looking for things that are almost impossible not to do because there is something inside that just makes you neeeeed to do it. We aren't looking with our souls. We are usually looking with a goal in mind. What am I good at that I can do for a living and make money at, that won't leave me miserable? What strengths do I have and in what areas? I don't believe that is where we find our gift.

Our gift is hidden. Only to be found when you are ready and willing to pull it out and say "Hey world, look what I found, it's for all of us!" When you are ready to face the challenges that sharing your gift with the world will inevitably bring. The naysayers, the sceptics, the possible discomfort you will bring to some who themselves need to stretch and grow. Your gift might make them feel something that they don't want to feel.  And it should! Once you get a glimpse of your gift, the smallest little inkling, you won't be able to deny it. It will build inside like a volcano about to erupt with the most spectacular magical lava. It will ooze from every part of you because it has to.

I don't do censoring here, I don't change what I feel or the way I say things to make it okay for you to hear, to make it less uncomfortable for you to digest, because that would not be sharing my gift. I have to say it the way I see it and experience it.  I know there is someone that needs to read it and that these words can touch them inside. Maybe, just maybe, my gift can help someone else find their own.

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