Monday, May 4, 2015

The Struggle is Real, Girlfriends

So you finally take notice of her, the girl that has been whispering sweet nothings in your head and trying to get your attention for Lord knows how long.  You acknowledge her, "Yes girl, I hear you. Please know I haven't forgotten you, well, not completely.  I promise, I'll give you some attention really really soon, just hold on a little longer. Keep breathing, keep reaching, it won't be long now!" You go on with your day, your life, doing all the things you do that take up your every minute. Wake up, get kids ready for school, go to work, pick up kids from school, take them to practice, squeeze in a quick stop at the store,  make dinner, clean up dinner, baths, homework, laundry, bed...exhausted. "Sorry girl, I am just too tired tonight sweetie.  I know you are waiting, thanks for your patience".

Wow!  Dude, how does the poor girl keep holding on?  She is grasping on by the tips of her fingers, crying out to you, her face almost covered by the damp grey quicksand, her voice small and tired.  Ya know something?  She is a damn rock star!  I would be so over it if I were her.  I would've said "I am too busy to keep on waiting patiently.  I've tried to be nice.  I've tried to help you. You can just go on and live a boring, mundane, passionless life.  I'm out!" Oh sweet, tireless girl, how I love you!

So now, the struggle, how do I work her in to the schedule?  How do I make time for the girl who means so much to me and wants so much to be part of my life? What do I cut out, or push on to someone else?  Who gets less of me? Am I strong enough to do it?  To say "no, I can't do that" when I need put her in front, or at least, towards the front.

She needs me. No, I need her.

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