Thursday, May 7, 2015

White Collar, Blue Collar, No Collar and Rainbows

Survivor, we watch it on Wednesday nights.  All huddled up on the brown leather couch, each of us with our favorite player.  This season they started the game with three groups: White Collar, Blue Collar, and No Collar.  So White Collar are the business minded people, the entrepreneurs, the financial planners, the talent agents.  Blue Collar, obvious right?... the fireman, teacher, construction worker. Then there is No Collar.  The wanderers, the artists and jewelry makers, the guy who sells coconuts on the beach.  So first you basically pick a side right?  Which group do you relate to most? Where would you fit in if you were there?

Well that was confusing to me.  I mean we have so many sides to us don't we?  What we do for a living, is a part of who we are, but is it reeeaaallly who we are?  Most people would probably look at me and think maybe White Collar.  I spent over 10 years in  banking, a few years in mortgage lending, office management, blah blah blah.  I am super efficient with my time and resources.  I am organizer extraorrdinaire.  I take it in, see what the goal is and the most efficient way to make it happen, then I pull the trigger.

But do I see myself as a White Collar?  I was so drawn to the No Collars.  They were so happy!  They let things roll off their backs like a duck in water. They did things (outside of the game) that made them feel alive inside.  And they were winning.  Challenge after challenge, killin' it!  Hmmm maybe there is something to this No Collar way of life.  This laissez-faire, do what feels good, follow your passion thing. I mean I do love writing, and painting, and find joy in making things. Yes, that is it, I MUST be No Collar hiding in a White Collar world.

I think all of the No Collars have been voted out at this point.  White Collar's and Blue Collar's left to battle it out.  So get's me thinking again (I know...I think way too much).  I am all of those groups, all mixed together.  We all are.  We aren't white, or blue, or....clear?  We are rainbow!!  We have so many sides to who we really are, inside.  Some of those parts are strong and bright and cheerful like the red, orange, and yellow parts of the rainbow.  Some are carefree and mellow like the green and blue.  Some are deep, maybe sometimes a little dark like the indigo and violet.

The journey is to learn about all of those beautiful colors inside ourselves.  To embrace each one with it's own strengths and sparkle.  To be grateful that we aren't just one thing, that we have endless color combinations inside of us all the time. And remember this...rainbows come AFTER the rain.  They are like a spectacular, colorful, magical prize, full of hope and wonder.

The journey is to embrace YOUR rainbow <3

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