Thursday, June 18, 2015

5 Senses and Heart Eyes

Most of us have had at least some sort of weird psychic moment, deja vu, or gut feeling in regards to a situation we just couldn't deny, right? I mean, I know it can't just be me. I'll admit, I have probably had these types of "moments" more often then some folks. I've always held something inside, something kind of different. Something that enables me to "get a vibe" and trust it every time. Some people have said they can see it in me. The intuition, the knowing, the old soul. There have been times it's been undeniable to me as well. And there's been years when I gave it very little attention and almost forgot all about it. For some reason, it's quite evident presently.

I'm not proclaiming to be some kind of clairvoyant, mystic, palm reading yogi here guys (although I am currently LOVING my yoga time). I'm not saying I can see the future, or read your mind. I don't practice magic of any kind and have a faith rooted in the Lord himself. But I think there are certain souls in our midst that are much more sensitive then others. Certain souls that can see other souls disguised by their flesh and bone, for what they truly are. People who can feel things before they happen, or know things inside, that seem out of the blue. People that see with the eyes of their heart not their head.

Now just because you see with your "heart eyes" doesn't necessarily make you a more compassionate, generous or faithful person. Just because your sight comes from a little further down your anatomy then your head, doesn't mean you are blessed with a more loving and understanding heart. God knows most of those traits did not at all come more easily to me than others. As a matter of fact, a few of them took work on my part, to grow them and cultivate them, and still need my purposeful attention at times. But when you see with your "heart eyes" it is a stronger deeper kind of vision. Sometimes it's hard to grasp. Why do I have this feeling? This person or situation or opportunity seem one way, but "the gut" is clearly telling me something else. Something feels weird about this person or this place. Do you follow common sense or do you follow the sixth sense? My motto has always been to "trust the gut".

There are lots of ways you can look at "the gut", "the vibe", "the ju ju".....whatever you wanna call it. Some will call it a gift. Some will call it crazy talk and voodoo. Some will call it the Holy Spirit. Although these knowings are often in response to the presence of something or someone, they can also come as irruptions of inspiration. A sudden burning passion. An instantaneous grand idea that must be acted upon. Like this blog. Like so many other blogs, books, plays, music compositions, paintings, photographs. Like someone's immediate and unstoppable desire to suddenly develop a ministry for people in need. Like someone else waking from a dream in the morning to head out on a mission to save the ocean, or the elephants, or the WORLD. Like someone's desire to run across the country in the name of freedom and self expression. Their "heart eyes" saw something their head eyes didn't, suddenly and so strongly, and now they must move on that vision, that knowing.

I most definitely believe God has blessed us with more than five measly senses. I mean jeez, He breathed this entire universe into existence and we still believe He only gave us (who were made in His image) only five senses? We all have extra senses, gifts, talents, that are unique to us, that the Heavenly Father has bestowed upon us for a reason. We need to embrace them. They were not gifted to us to be dwindle away. We don't positively impact the people or world around us by stifling or quieting ourselves, by ignoring our vibes or our volcanic eruptions of purpose and intention that flowed out of no where. Because they didn't flow out of nowhere. They flowed from the Creator to the soul that He designated to move on his behalf. He gives us intuition. He gives us uncanny knowledge. He gives us sensitivity to the motive of others. He gives us that crazy hair brained idea that popped into your brain in the middle of the night, that is burning in your soul, that will make a difference, big or small, a meaningful difference that is meant to be made.

Go Mamma's, follow your gut and believe in your crazy dream whatever it may be. Trust your vibe and use your "heart eyes".


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  1. I found the comment section again! Go me 🙋. Love this sissy waga ❤ so true...we are made in the image of such an amazing and marvelous God. Its exciting to think of all the great things He has given us to know Him more. It excites me!!