Wednesday, June 24, 2015

All the Damn Doubt

Doubt. Doubt sucks. Doubt drains. Doubt is a dream killer. Doubt can stop us in our tracks. Doubt suppresses your true you...makes you worry that maybe they are not really possible, those dreams you have. That spark you felt, that light that shined so brightly for those few seconds, that changed the way you looked at yourself, at your life, at your possibilities...doubt makes you begin to disregard those, to not trust yourself, what you felt, what you saw.

Doubt if just fear dressed up in a different outfit. We think of fear as this big looming dark presence. Fear makes us shake with fright and anxiety. We FEEL fear, we don't THINK it. Wrong. Fear can take so many forms. Fear likes to dress up in an unexpected disguise and trick you. Doubt is fear. It's is fear of rejection. Fear of weakness. Fear of loss. Fear of change. Doubt kills creativity. It kills adventure and authenticity. It kills connection and intimacy. It makes life boring, and easy and safe. Bleeech! Safe from what? From passion and trueness. From color and light. From doing those things you were put in this world to do that's what! It stops us from being who we are and sharing that super special something that is unique to just us, that is meant to bless.

Before I published my last post, I had a moment of doubt. "Is it good enough?" "Do I sound a little cray cray?" "What will some of my friends think if I say this out loud?" "Is this really what I am supposed to be doing with my thing? I mean there are millions upon millions of really talented and trained bloggers and writers out there, what makes me think I can do this?" "What makes this special to anyone besides me?" Then I clicked "publish". Screw it! Who cares if there are a bazillion other people writing and blogging, that doesn't mean that I can't. Who cares if one or two or a bunch of people read my post and think it's far fetched and makes no sense. There will be someone that reads it that needs to read it. That needs to hear it and feel it, this I am certain of!

It's often easier to see our circumstances for what they are by looking at it from someone else's perspective. What would I say to my Soul Sister if she were denying herself an opportunity to be true to herself, to share her special something and bless the rest of us? What would I say to my little boy if he were being beat up with self doubt, not trying new things or being the best little dude he can be because he were afraid to fail, to look stupid, to be different? I don't think I have to tell you what I'd say....but I will. I'd say, "You are special! You are strong! You have a gift! You can do this. You NEED to do this. I believe in you. You will never know unless you try...and you try with all of your heart and soul! What is the worst that could happen?" The worst that could happen is not doing, not trying, not giving it your best shot. The worst that could happen is you never knowing how awesome it could have been. The worst that could happen is not fulfilling your purpose. The worst that could happen is....nothing. Just nothing. Safe, boring, nothing.

I believe in us! I believe in me. I continue to hold on to hope for this world, for the people who are willing to be real and true. I continue to hold on to hope for the people who are willing to encourage and build up. I rebuke doubt. I refuse to give it power over my dreams and my truth and my heart. I hold on to hope that you will do the same.

Believe in you. Jump! Fly! Dream! <3

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  1. I'm glad you keep clicking "publish!" I am one if those people who needs to red these posts. They inspire me and keep me going in a time of huge changes in my life. Thank you & I❤️U!

    Your SS 😊