Monday, June 8, 2015

Do Good Things She Ra

The closer you get to the long lost girl inside, the closer you are to your soul. That's who she is ya know. Your TRUE you. The more you actually listen to her her, and pay attention to her voice, the more your perspective on things shifts. You remember all of your potential. Not potential in worldly things, your potential to change the world!

You begin to realize every thought and action has consequences, for the good or the harm, of others and yourself. The littlest things, that before seemed inconsequential, like no biggie, kind of are a biggie now. Not in a bad, heavy, burden kind of way. Just a in "wow, I affect everything that I touch in one way or another, and what do I want my hand print to be" kind of way. Just a new awareness about your impact, a new desire to make that impact be a positive healthy one.

One of the biggest challenges for me is how I treat myself. And if I were a betting chick, I would put a couple hundy most of you reading this are the same way. We self sacrifice on a daily basis, an hourly basis, okay....every fricken waking minute usually. We put the health, strength, and happiness of our families before our own. Because if they are healthy and happy, so are we right? Because we are She Ra Princess of Power (yes, I totallllly just aged myself) and don't need as much care and attention as everyone else does. We'll get by on enough sleep, snacking instead of sitting down to eat, mega doses of caffine, and occasional work outs. As long as we stay positive and FOCUSED we are good to go, right?

The little girl inside says, "no way Jose". In order for us to be true to ourselves, and to be a real, meaningful, super duper blessing to the world around us, we must be nurtured too. How can we share our gift if we are exhausted and spent? We can't. How can we contribute to our families well being, encouraging their wellness and growth, when we are running on fumes? We can't.  How can we celebrate this life we've been given, this opportunity to be something special and do good things if we are dragging our feet?  We can't.

I really wanna do good things! I really wanna use this life to make people feel good, and be strong, and be real and be happy. I don't want to let it all go by in a blur of rushed days, too much coffee, not enough sleep, not enough time, not enough experiences or joy. And so, I promise to care for myself. Because to love me is to love you. To care for me is to care for you. To do the things I need to do in this life to stay healthy and strong, is to do those things for you. I can only do good, if I am good.

And so. my sister She Ra's....take care of you. Love you and cherish you. Treat yourself like you do your best friend, sister, children. Coddle yourself a little. Give yourself a pep talk. Nurture yourself and strengthen yourself. If you're in a slump, try something new. Hike and enjoy God's creation, breathe fresh air and notice all of the natural beauty around you. Try yoga or meditate or both. Maybe a new class at the gym or walk with the dogs. Maybe start to take a little time to explore your "I wish I had time for a hobby" hobby like photography or writing or crafting. Start your own blog! Just do what feels good inside and be true to you.


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