Friday, June 26, 2015

Growing Pains

Often my littlest little dude will come to me to let me know he has a growing pain. "My ankle hurts right here Mamma, I think it's a growing pain." I give it a little rub, smooch his sweet face and tell him "Yep babe, growing pains hurt. But that means we're growing and growing is good. It won't last long, and before you know it you'll be stronger."

Growing pains do hurt while they last though don't they? I find, that annoying little growing pain, can become down right excruciating if you try to ignore it. We feel the pain for a reason, and the reason is, it's time for change. My littlest little dude is getting taller by the day. Heavier, thicker, stronger. Stretching into a big boy. He feels it in his ankles and knees. Although we feel aches and pains in our physical being as adults, it is usually due to our bodies getting older, not from actually getting bigger. We feel growing pains in the center of our being, and it hurts worse then any sore joint. It takes our breath away. It makes our minds loose focus and thoughts spin out of control. It hurts inside but you can't really pin point where the pain is coming from, or why you feel it. You want to crawl out of your skin, or sleep until it's over, or run away as fast as you can.

You may have heard, pain changes people. When the pain of remaining who and where you are is great enough, you will either die inside or change. We need not look at pain as a bad thing, as a death sentence. We need not fear the pain. No it doesn't feel good, but keep your focus on what is to come. The poor chubby hairy little caterpillar probably thinks it's dying before the actual metamorphosis. It may be longing to stay the same fearing what it all means. Not knowing what kind of butterfly it will be, not knowing how to fly, wishing it could just stay the way it has always been, even if it isn't a life of health, happiness or fulfillment of purpose, at least it's a life that it understands.

We carry so much around inside of us. Such complicated beings we are. So many contradictions right? From the day we are born into this world we start learning. We start feeling. We start drawing conclusions and choosing a perspective. We start reading other people, gleaming good and bad from the world around us. Sponges, soaking up every bit of it. And rarely getting squeezed out. Just soaking up more and more, it all getting swished around and stagnant inside. The joyful and the sorrowful. The pain of rejection, of not being heard, of being abandoned. The pride of accomplishment. The confusion about what you believe or should believe. The desire to be someone special, and the fear that you never will be. All the wonderful and tragic things inside. There comes a time when you have to get squeezed. To let go and release all of that stuff you've been holding on to. To just come clean. To realize it's time to start anew. You can take a look at the pool at your feet after you've wrung yourself out. Really look at it. Determine which of those things serve you in your next stage of life. Which things build you up, bring you true joy and satisfaction. Which things are part of who you want to be. Keep that stuff. Soak it back in. Notice the other parts too, but just notice them. They served their purpose, the catalyst to growth and change. Some you wish never happened, but it all did. It all happened for a reason. Now it's time to say goodbye to that stuff. It's time to leave it there, in the puddle. Never to be soaked up again. Washed away. Say goodbye.

We were not made to stay the same guys. Remember, the true you, the soul inside the body. It is SO beyond skin and bones. It is SO much more beautiful then you realize. The experiences, the people, the life we live, it is all here to help us become our true selves. Try to remember that when the pain comes.

Grow! Change! Be True! Love you <3

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