Tuesday, June 2, 2015

The Plank

Warning: This might hurt a little. This might make you uncomfortable or even mad. This might make you realize you've been behaving like a real douche bag. With that being said, I ask you to please continue.

When you think of the word plank, what do you picture in your mind? A pirate walking the plank? An exercise move in which one lays stiffly across some random object as straight as they can? A nice dark velvety smooth piece of wood? Or, like me, do you think of an old weathered dry piece of broken off tree? Jagged, rough, surely to leave splinters if you dare to touch it. Now picture THAT plank in your eye. Stuck in there good. So painful, and ugly, and most definitely making it very hard to see clearly.

Each of us lives with a plank in our eye. Sometimes we live a long time before we even start to notice how uncomfortable it is, how difficult it is to see, how much it hurts. Worse than that, by the time we realize we have that big ugly hunk of wood stuck in our eyeball it's already done a lot of damage. Not damage to you, or your eye, but to all the people that you mistreated while you were so busy noticing their eye splinter. It was really easy to see the wood in their peepers. It was so obvious!  All the ways that they did everything wrong. The way they made life difficult for themselves and others. The way he broke the law. The way they were bad parents. They way she always picked the wrong partner. They way they didn't work hard enough, or drank too much, or were too "friendly". Even with that tree in your eye, it was clear that she couldn't drive and should not be on the road. That he was loud and mean to his wife. That they needed to quit having kids already. Why do they need to act like that? Why does she need to wear things like that? Those poor kids with that mom that drops them at the curb at school instead of walking them to the playground, what a shame.

We are all a bunch of judgey judgey judgersons. Every single person. There is no one person so enlightened that they haven't judged. We are all broken people living in a busted up world. We take out the pain of that reality on each other. We fear what we don't understand and instead of trying to wrap our hearts and minds around why people do the things they do, and just love them, we judge and push away. Not one of us was put on this earth to be the judge and jury of mankind.  Not one! Not one of us is perfect, by a long shot. Everyone one of us has been hurt and has been the reason for someone else's pain, in big ways or in small ways. Most of us probably in small ways, or what we figure are small. But all the little things add up right?  It' all about the little things.

What are the littles learning from us? Do they see the way you look at people? When you roll your eyes at the guy on the corner holding a sign that says he is hungry and God Bless. Do they hear you make comments about certain groups of people that you have deemed less desirable? Do they see you treat people with understanding and love or with impatience, confusion and disgust? Do we want to see our children treat each other with such lack of compassion? Hell to the NO we don't! I don't ever want to see my boys judge some other kid at school based on the way they dress, or the car their parents drive, or the way that boy in class is just different and peculiar and weird.

I am not saying we are all a bunch of a-holes, I promise I'm not. I'm just saying let each one of us look inside of ourselves. To remember every person that you cross paths with, you encounter for a reason. Every single one. Don't you want to leave them feeling accepted? Feeling like someone cares. Wouldn't you like to feel that way? All it has to be is a smile. A knowing glance. Eye contact for goodness sake. Help out that mom in the store with the tantruming toddler. Instead of looking at her and making judgments about her pathetic parenting or the possibility of her kid's health issues, give her the "I know what you are going through Mamma" look. The "keep your chin up" smile. The "I know it's not your fault that little turd is freaking out on you right now" nod. Encourage don't discourage.

Give attention to the plank in your eye, not the speck in your neighbors. Work on you, on your heart. Let's pay attention to the way we treat one another. Let's love one another, differences and all. Let's leave someone feeling better to have known us. Let's bless one another in little but significant ways every day.

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  1. I LOVE this! Thank you for reminding me of what I desire most...to LOVE. To let perfect love cast out ALL fear and overflow like rivers of living water.