Monday, July 13, 2015

Listen Up Little Sista

Listen up little sista, hear my words. Don't turn your head, letting what I have to say go in one ear and out the other. I know you think you know all that you need to. I know you think you know yourself. I know I may be waisting my breath, but you are worth it.

Slow down little sista. Don't be in such a hurry to "grow up". Stop to think, to feel, to explore. Travel little sista. Go places, go lots of places, and do it now. See the castles of Scotland and the cathedrals of Italy. Go to South America, to Asia, to Africa. See how the rest of the world really lives before you stuff yourself into your little box. Try new things and have adventures for life is honestly short. I know you think you have lots of time, all the time in the world, to go places and do things. You'll get to it eventually. But there is no time like now and later doesn't always come.

Let down your walls little sista. Let yourself feel. Yes honey, there will be times it hurts, times it hurts bad. But you can't truly and deeply feel the good if you are trying to keep out the sadness and fear. The walls keep it all out sis. I know you think you are stronger with your walls up, tall and wide, impenetrable. But you're not. You are stronger when you give yourself the chance to be vulnerable. When you open your heart, when you lift up the steel door that guards it.

Shhhhh, quiet down little sista. Listen to the one inside. She whispers in your ear all you need to understand for now. She knows where you are meant to be, where your gifts lay, where your soul will find it's utmost joy. She is not ready for her box just yet. She wants to sing and dance. She wants to climb and jump and run like the breeze that blows. She comes with you wherever you go, and she will be with you always, even when it is time to grow up. She will still be there, but now, at this time in your life, you can enjoy her. You can play with her and let her lead you into magic.

I know you think of the future little sista, and you feel anxious and excited to get there. But hear me little sista, you will, in time, you will get there. Enjoy now! Enjoy now, because when you do get there, it is harder than you think. Life gets more difficult, busier, more tiring. You have more responsibilities, more obligations, more people to consider. There are always "things" to get done. You will still find joy, you will still experience new things, and maybe go to new places. But it's not easy. You will still have the little girl inside tagging along, keeping you company, but sometimes you will forget all about her, all about YOU, until she can't take it any longer and pulls the rug out from under you and breaks open your box.

Remember little sista, we all grow stonger and healthier and happier through experience. Going through doors, sometimes pretty, carved, graceful doors and sometimes cracked, old, ugly ones. But learning from each one and choosing a perspective. That's right little sista, you can choose your perspective. You can decide how to look at life no matter what happens. You can decide if you are grateful, if you are hopeful, if you want see the silver lining.

Love your people little sista. Love them with all of your heart. Give them what you have to offer with joy and generosity. You are a blessing to them sis. You are a light. You are a gift. Give yourself with honesty and vulnerability and trust them to love you back.

Take care of your self, sweet little sista. Breathe often and breathe deeply. Take time to still your mind and shift your awareness to the parts of life that mean the most. Feed yourself, feed your creativity, feed your mind, feed your body, and always everyday feed your soul. They all matter, they all work together to keep you healthy, but your soul my sweet sista, your soul is your fire. Your soul is who you are. Don't just feed your soul, sista, nurture it. Nurture it and care for it with baby gloves. Grow it, strong and fierce.

Life is short little sis. Let it be a life of unfettered joy. Use everything you've got inside of you, use it all up to the very last drop. Enjoy the journey, all of it. Live a life of meaning and truth. Be a blessing, by being YOU!


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