Sunday, March 13, 2016

What Will They Remember?

Will they remember a mommy who stopped what she was doing when they asked for attention? Or, will they remember a mom who had too many distractions to give them the appropriate eye contact?

Will they remember a mom who laughed at their jokes and silly antics? Or will they remember a mom who didn't laugh enough. Taking all the "stuff" in life too seriously.

Will they remember a mommy who glowed? Who smiled a real smile with her eyes and her mouth and her whole face. Or will they remember a mom who too often had a furrowed brow. Who smiled, but didn't shine.

Will they remember cuddling in their beds at night? Talking about the day, saying prayers, getting their backs scratched. Or, will they remember the nights when mom was too tired to chit chat and just wanted them to go to sleep. No patience left for the stories or the requests for their midnight snack and drink.

Will they remember all the heart felt "I LOVE You" s? Could they tell how much she meant it? How her heart wanted to burst at that moment because she was actually really seeing them, and found herself in awe. Or will they remember the times she yelled, and said things that hurt their feelings?

Will they remember a mom who played? Who took them up on their offers to jump on the trampoline, play four square or compete in Mario Kart? Or, will the remember a mom who kept telling them she had things to get done, no time to play?

Will they remember a mommy who would do anything for them? Who gave them the last piece of pizza even if she wanted it. Who drove them all over town to participate in things that interested them, that made them happy and healthy. Singing and rocking out in the car together. Or, a mom who didn't feel like cooking so always ordered pizza? A mom that was always speeding around trying to get from place to place, hauling them all over town to run errands. Yelling at them to stop fighting and just be quiet.

Will they remember a mom that encouraged them? That made them feel smart and strong and special. Who supported them and their own individual talents and gifts. A mom who just KNEW they were rock stars! Or, will they remember a mom who was always frustrated with them, disappointed and let down? Saying nice things but not with sincerity or passion or heart. A mom who didn't understand.

Will they ever ever understand the depth of her absolute devotion to them? Will they ever know, without any doubt, that no matter what they do, she will always, every second, love them with all that she is and ever will be? Will they understand that she is forever their safe haven? A place where they will always be accepted with open arms. Loved, supported, appreciated, and cherished <3

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