Monday, April 4, 2016

So I'm Awake, Now What?

Wakey wakey sweet soul. You've had enough sleep...a little too much actually. It's time to wake up. Time to open your eyes.

Awakening. It doesn't seem to happen slowly. Sure, there are stirrings as it begins. Little nudges, like someone or something tapping you on the shoulder to get your attention. But because we live in a world that, over the last century, has decided for the most part, to poo poo the power of intuition, you probably ignore the subtle shoulder tap. You feel it, but disregard it as nothing. If it's your time to awaken though, the tap very quickly becomes much stronger. More like a sharp elbow to the ribs or a karate chop to the back of the head. Less easy to ignore and much more uncomfortable. It's your soul saying "wake the hell up..I don't want to sleep anymore!"

I listened to her last year. I didn't want another blow to the head and I really wanted to see what it was she had to show me. I always knew there was so much more. When I was younger I listened more closely. I think we all do when we are younger. We haven't been programmed to ignore the truth of our soul speaking to us yet. We haven't let the outside world close our eyes yet. It's natural to feel, and listen, to imagine, and to see beyond the veil. Alas, as we age, we deafen our ears, shield our eyes, and harden our hearts. We become busy with the rat race of school, then career, family, life...and don't prioritize from a soul perspective. We begin to believe that those times, when you were younger, when you thought you heard your soul speak, those were just dreams, or the imagination of a child.

So the day comes, when you remember. When somehow, karate chop to the head or otherwise, you wake up.

Holy shit! I remember!! I remember dreams that I've always carried. They never died. I remember who I am, underneath and inside. I remember things I never even "knew". I remember that we are all one. I remember that Mother Earth is gorgeous and magical. That she offers us healing and beauty in such abundance because that is what God made her for. I remember that I have ways of communicating other than speaking and ways of discerning other than making pros and cons lists. I remember that I am a healer, always have been always will be. I see us all again, as so much more than what we look like, or even the things we do.

And with this eyes, heart and mind wide open thing I've got going on, I still live here. I still work here. I am still a mommy and a wife here. Everything is so different, and yet, everything is still the same. How do I go on living like I was before I woke up? Or do I find a new way? Is there a happy medium?

So far, for me, it's a little bit of both. I mean, it's not like I can just lay on my back and float away on the ocean, talking to the wind, and finding magic everywhere. But I can live in this world AND remember the truth. I can do the little things that bring joy to my heart and raise my vibration. I can prioritize with soul in mind, mine and yours. I can still go to work, and to the school volunteer meeting, and stroll the grocery store...all the stuff we do in life, but with a new perspective. With soul eyes open, with a willingness and desire to share the light, whether it be just through a smile, or through some higher form of healing. I can do the laundry and vacuum the floors like I always have, it'll just be with a different mind set than it once was. Probably with a bit more gratitude and a little more awe than it used to be. There are a few things that I've changed. Not eating meat any longer because when I remember we are all one, that includes ALL of us. Taking more time for myself to practice yoga, meditate, hike, and enjoy nature because now I remember how much I missed that connection to the universe and how whole that all makes me feel. I notice myself noticing how intensely I love my tribe, my family and friends. How amazing their little faces are. I recall how much I appreciate the generations that came before me. How much depth and faith and intuition they all carried forward for me, and how I want to carry that on too.

So here I am, awake in a world that is mostly asleep. It's kind of like in the movies when people walk through ghosts and never knew they were there. Like there is this whole other part of reality that is only seen by some. I'll probably get funny looks 'cause I'm shining brightly or a slightly different color. People may say I've changed. I've become a hippy and a tree hugger, all new agey and mystical, gone a little coo coo, lost my faith, lost my marbles. It's probably a little scary from the outside, if you are still looking through the fog. It's okay. We all have our own reality. Yours doesn't have to be like mine.  I'll love you either way.

Rise and shine ya'll <3