Monday, May 2, 2016

The Box

As I talk with people, I notice things about them. I feel and see things, not things that they are necessarily trying to show me or discuss. Sometimes things they would rather me not notice. There are times when I will mention it, and times when I won't. Recently, I've been engaged in a lot of conversations about fear. Fear is a huge topic right? I mean there are so many ways fear manifests and disguises. So many areas of life where fear, in it's different forms, holds people in a prison they are not even aware of. It keeps coming up. People want to talk about it. And I could NOT love that more. I've been saying for a while, we need to expose ourselves to bless ourselves and bless others. We need to stop hiding around the corner, still as a statue, holding our breath, trying not to grab the attention of the boogie man.

I'm a visual person. Thoughts are often like pictures for me. For a while, before these conversations actually started, I was seeing people with boxes on their head as I looked round. Like tall, tan, cardboard boxes, open at the top, but shielding the persons vision on each side. All they could do was look straight ahead with this very narrow tunnel of vision, somewhat dark and crowded. Unable to see or sense what was around them. I wanted to lovingly say to people, "let your box down sweetie...even if it's just a peek over one side. I promise you will be so grateful for what you find." Although I did not speak those words at first, I thought them, and felt them. Then I started letting them come to my lips.

What are we afraid of? What will we see if we look over the side of the box? Are we afraid of what we will find....of the ugly, violent, angry world out there? Are we afraid of "bad" people with "bad" beliefs trying to push their agendas down our throats? Are we maybe afraid of what the people around us will see in our faces if we lower the lid? Will they see the anxiety? Will they see the "sins"? Will they see that we are unworthy and trying our best to pretend to be who they think we are?

Fear. There are too many manifestations to name right? Numerous phobias and disorders all come down to one thing, fear. Fear of something outside of us bringing us harm and/or pain, like a poisonous spider or a mutated germ. Fear that we are not good enough, skinny enough, pretty enough, smart enough, talented enough. Fear that we can't do it well enough so why even try. Fear that maybe we are unstable. The things we see, or feel just can't be right, because they are different. Fear that we, or people we love might die.

With our current political environment in the U.S. right now, all one needs to do is watch or read news or social media for less than 60 seconds to see the faces upon faces upon faces of fear. You hear people screaming, "Build walls.. bigger, stronger walls! Elect the right president or we are doomed!" Liberals vs Conservatives. Guns vs no guns. Transgender bathrooms vs singular gender bathrooms. All of this looks like anger. Feels like anger. But what is the source of the anger? Fear. Fear that if we don't build the walls "they" will come attack "us". Fear of people, with situations and cultures, and beliefs, that you can't understand. And if it is something other than what you can see and recognize through your shrouded box view, it must be bad. It makes you uncomfortable, so it must be bad. It goes against your religion, and your religion is the only "true" religion, so it must be bad. And if it's bad you need to be afraid of it. You need to stay away from it, or extinguish it. You need to make it go away, so this feeling inside...this scary knot in the stomach feeling will go away too.

I tell my boys, we all get scared sometimes. There are things that we see or hear, or imagine with our beautiful creative imaginations, that can bring the feeling of fear. It's okay to get afraid. We are human (for now) with bodies that have certain physical reactions to perceived danger. Oh did you catch that?...perceived danger. So maybe we change our perceptions. Maybe we change the way we think and the way we come to immediate conclusions about fear and the feelings it brings. Maybe we don't run from fear but let it be there. Give it some space on the couch. Let it know, "I get it, I feel ya, I know you are here. I'm not going to hate you or push you away, but please don't expect much attention because I have far more exciting things to do. And as a matter of fact Fear, sorry to burst your bubble, but I will be doing exactly what it is that you are trying to get me to avoid..because there I find strength and freedom and new insights."

So conversations have been happening in my little part of the world. Just with a few people, here and there. But it's interesting to me. I'm seeing people lower their boxes a little bit. I'm seeing people realize new ways of thinking and perceiving. I'm watching people find freedom that they never understood they could have, and really didn't even know that they were lacking. I'm seeing souls around me opening up, embracing vulnerability, and accepting what is and what will be with so much less fear of the unknown.

There is a shift in the world, a tilt. People are waking up to who they really are. Realizing this human body thing, is a temporary home for the souls that we are eternally. People are shedding their skins, or cocoons, or shells and getting born again. Empowered, hopeful, authentic, real, soulful, mindful, true.

So my lovies, look at yourself from your Self. Do you have the box walls up high and tall? Can you bend one down if you do? Breathe, trust, and go.

<3 trishy

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