Monday, June 6, 2016

Cutting Out the Labels

Ever since my oldest was a year old, I've been cutting labels out of his clothes. He's sensitive to the way things feel (physically, emotionally, spiritually) and labels bother him. Like mamma like son.

Labels bother me too, and not only the paper ones in my t-shirts. We live in a world that has labels sewn in everywhere you go. There are so many. There are even labels of labels. It's maddening.

I've been noticing the labels more and more, for a few reasons. The main reason being, my strong desire that my boys feel encouraged and supported in being who they are. I want them to feel allowed to shine their light bright without worrying about what label their light might get them.

Bad Boy - Wild Child - Hippie - Nerd - Jock - Girly Boy - Teacher's Pet - Class Clown - Rebel - Goody Goody - Sissy - Bully - Right Wing - Bleeding Heart - Genius - Dumb...

Republican - Democrat - Socialist - Homo -  Misfit - White - Black - Mixed - Stay at Home Mom - Working Mom - Freak - Fat - Emo - Slow - Jesus Freak - New Ager - Believer - Unbeliever - Drunk - Dork - Lazy - Cougar - Know it All

On and on and on. I'm certain you can add to the list. These labels aren't always meant in a negative way, but really, when you look at it, they ARE always negative.

We are limiting people. We are stifling them. We are judging them. We are making them doubt themselves, their gifts and abilities. We are pigeon holing them. We are caging them. We are telling them...this is who you are...this is what you stand for...this is what you are capable of...this is what is wrong with you...this is why you are different. You can't change. You can't be who you dream of being because you are THIS.

I've been making a real effort to stop myself in thought and especially in word, when I find myself labeling. I don't want to perpetuate those titles, those restraints. I want to encourage. I want to build up. I want to support. I want to heal.

I want you to spread your wings. I want you to feel like you can do anything. I want you to see the gifts you have been blessed with. The very gifts that have likely earned you a label or two. I ask you to grow those gifts, to be filled with joy and gratitude for those gifts. To be proud of the person that you are, all the special qualities that make you, you. Those things that you love about yourself, and the things that disappoint you about yourself. Every single one of those things is meant to teach you, meant to grow you into the amazing spectacular magical being that you are capable of being.

So no more labels. Let's be intentional in making a change, together <3

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