Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Making a Promise to Not Forget

We too often forget. We forget that this earthly life is fleeting. That our days here our not promised. We forget that when it's time to move on to the next life, we will go, whether or not we, or our loved ones, are ready. It can happen with no warning. At any moment this version of ourselves can end.

We too often forget. As we live life, day to day. Going to work, getting kids off to school, going grocery shopping, running errands. We rush in and out, from one place to the next. We assume, that tomorrow will come. That we have time, to make time, for the stuff the matters but never seems to make the tip top of this list. Like the talk you keep meaning to have with your spouse when the time is right. Like how you promised the kids you would play with them after you were finished with the very important project. There is the visit you keep putting off to your parents' house. The dreams that keep getting pushed to the back burner until you can carve out quality time for them, until things settle down. Like the book you've secretly been dreaming of writing or the volunteer work at the hospital you've been hoping to begin.

We too often forget that time is an illusion.

We too often forget to listen to out heart's desires instead of our ego's.

We too often forget to cherish the present moment and all of its blessings. So busy planning ahead or looking behind with regret.

We too often forget the impact our lives have on others and how much we mean to some.

We too often forget that the individual gifts that are bestowed upon us purposeful and meant to be shared.

Something always happens to remind us. Usually several times at different stages of life. Often completely unexpected and tragic. It knocks us back leaving us stunned, heartbroken, and very confused. It causes us to question things...our beliefs, our priorities, our way of living. It reminds us. It wakes us up. It pulls back the veil.

For a while we live there; raw and vulnerable. Knowing what matters. Reminded of how precious this life is. We commit to ourselves to heed the warning this time. We tell ourselves something like..." from this day forward I will live with purpose and gratitude. I will not take anything for granted. Not time, not people, not the air I breathe nor the water I drink."

It lasts a while. and then things settle.Life starts pulling you in again. Into all the worldly issues. Into the plans and responsibilities. Into the schedules and commitments. You find yourself less awake, beginning to forget again. The feeling, the fire, not as strong.

We have recently had one of these reminders. Our little community just lost two beautiful young mothers in a terrible car accident. Families have been left behind, in shock and heartache that I can not imagine. It takes my breath away to think of how they must be feeling. It's an unbelievable loss that has rocked our small town. One of them was a friend. She was spunky and kind and strong. She meant a lot to a lot of people, and her absence will definitely leave this realm much less sparkly. Although she is physically gone from our world, what she was about will remain. Her "go get 'em" attitude, her silliness, her love, her essence will stay with us all.

I always tell me kids not to make a promise that they can not keep. Promises are binding and heartfelt. Neither of them make promises lightly, nor do I.

Right now I am promising, to myself, and you, that I WILL NOT FORGET. I will do the work that needs to be done to stay awake and conscious. I will feed my soul, mind and body with the food that nourishes it at its highest level. I will be a light, a reminder, a source. I will live with purpose and with love, leading the way.

This is not an empty promise. I am not naive enough to believe that this promise will be easy to keep. I know life will pull at me. I know distractions will wrestle for center stage. I know there will be hurdles, pain, and stress.

But there will also be this promise. Pulling me back each time. Back to my center and purpose. Back to what matters in this short life.

If you are so inclined to make any sort of similar promise to yourself, and you are ready to really mean it, do it now. Do it, and live it, and be certain that you are powerful enough to make it happen. And know, that I am here to support and encourage you too keep those eyes and hearts open. This life is meant to be an unfolding. An opportunity for spiritual growth. It's not always easy or comfortable. But it IS always glorious!!