Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Time for Jr. High!

A letter to our kids (yours as well, if this applies), as we embark on this newest season. I wrote a version of this to my boy. It contained some additions, that were for his sweet eyes only. I hope my sharing this version can serve you and yours. We are living this life together, all of us. Whether I know you or not, you are part of my world, our world. Let us strive to serve one another and share our truths. Let us strive to raise young people into this world of OURS that lead with their hearts. Young people who treat themselves and the people around them with care and attention.

Time for Jr. High!

So here we are …Jr. High, and all the stuff that comes with it. All the changes. Your body and mind are being inundated with hormones, questions, challenging emotions… as are all of your classmates. There will be great days, and not so fun days as all of these changes take place. Friendships may fall to the wayside while new ones form. Studies actually show, that a very high percentage of Jr. High friendships are short term and/or don’t last through to high school. It’s happening to all of you though, what matters most is how you handle it.
Try to remember a few things for me as we tread these new waters…..
You always have us. Mom and Dad, and even brother. We are here to listen, to support, to guide and to enjoy one another. You can talk to us about ANYTHING. We will never judge you. We may not always have answers, sometimes situations just need to run their course, but we will always have your back.
You are a unique and beautiful person. Made exactly how God wanted you. Try to remember that when you are tempted to get down on yourself. God did not make us to be perfect. Not at all.
Use and sharpen your tools. These tools are NOT just for difficult times. They are life tools! They will serve you through out every stage. Breathing, meditation and prayer, journaling, paying attention to the way you talk to yourself and the way your thoughts are making you feel in your body (because you can change those thoughts to build you up rather than tear you down), exercise, time in nature, getting enough sleep and eating well. If you need help figuring out what tools to use, ask. If you are struggling, assess which tools you may be neglecting and kick it up a notch. You will notice a shift in a positive direction rather quickly. If you need additional support we can reach out for that too.
Remember to take risks. Nothing magical happens inside of your comfort zone. No growth or new learning. No new insight, nor adventure. You have to be willing to step out. Not every risk will pan out, or turn out how you hoped, but each one will always offer lessons and growth. You love learning, and taking risks is a great way to do that and to experience new things.
Lead with love and do your best. That does not mean you always have to “be nice” and get straight A’s.
That means, treat YOURSELF and the people you interact with, with love, respect and compassion. If they don’t treat you that way, give grace, maybe a second chance, because everyone is transitioning and people make mistakes, and then move on from them if they continue to act without care because you aren’t a doormat. Stand up for what you believe in, while understanding that others may not be on the same page.
 It means do your best by trying hard and giving yourself the appropriate amount of time and support. Trying to take your time and give things your attention. Practice to get more skilled, study to be sure you know the material, and give it your best shot.
Grow your gifts. Whatever those things are that light you up inside. That keep you wanting to learn more and always curious. The experiences that fill you up, bring you peace, make you feel more alive. Feed those, and share those. Keep us in the loop on what those things are so we can help you find opportunities to do them.
I think that covers it for now. I know these next couple of years will be filled with ups and downs. We will ride the waves together, as a family.
You are an amazing person, truly. We are blessed to be living this life with you. 
All my love, every second of every day,  Mom  

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