My Dudes


My Dudes...I have three of them. Big Dude is my hubs, Jay. Little Dude is my oldest, Carter. And Littlest Dude, my baby Charlie. Boys 3, girls 1...I am out numbered, even our dogs are male. I guess they are my other dudes, my hairy dudes, Zeke and Sonny. Here's a little bit of scoop on each them.
My Big Dude - Jay (AKA The Hubs/Pook)
My Big Dude is the hubs. We've been married for 15 years and together for 24. We've basically become grown ups together. We are different in a lot of ways (of course, opposites attract, right?) We try to use our differences to balance each other out. Sometimes it works, sometimes it's a fail. He is a big guy (a foot taller than I am), with an even bigger heart, which he wears on his sleeve most days. He is a natural athlete and instantaneously good at anything he does. He is half Irish and half Scottish. I! Can you say f-i-r-e-b-a-l-l?! He's a big goof-off when he isn't stressing out. Jay enjoys golfing, playing basketball (although he says he's too old for that now), bbq-ing on the oak pit, and watching any kind of sports or reality tv. He has friends everywhere we go. Like literally, we'll be in another state and someone will come up to him and slap him on the back ...."Jaaaayyy!" Everyone knows and loves My Big Dude. P.S....the last picture below is from his hole in one. I adore that smile <3
Little Dude - Carter (AKA Cart Man Doo)
Carter is my first born. He made me a mommy. He's 10 years old. I always say he came out of the womb a thirty year old. He is an old soul, way too grown up for his age. He's really smart and quick. He inherited his Dad's ability in athletics and picks up most things easily and is crazy strong, although he would rather read or watch You Tube videos about Minecraft, then participate in sports, even with his natural disposition for them. We have been able to keep him interested in mixed martial arts for the last 5 years though (and he kicks butt and takes names although you'd never know). He's a sensitive soul and feels things deeply. His mind is always analyzing things and he is usually a few steps ahead of himself. He big time loves all creatures, big and small. I'm not allowed to kill snails at my house. We have to relocate them :) Carter also has a natural tendency towards music and looooves reading. He and I will binge read together for hours. He's always been the kid in the front center of the pack during those school performances, singing the loudest and dancin' to the music like he just can't help it. His favorite bands/musicians presently are Queen, Michael Jackson, and Bob Marley (last I heard anyway). Carter started piano this summer. He wants to be an inventor, a wild life veterinarian, a game show host, or a writer.

Littlest Dude - Charlie (AKA Char Char Binks/Charlie Brown)
Char Char, he's my baby. He just turned 8. Charlie has one of those laughs.. you know... when you hear it, you start cracking up too? He has had the best smile and laugh since he was just a little nugget. Charlie is adventurous! He loves roller coasters, skateboards, monster trucks and things that go fast. He too took after Dad with being a natural at sports. He has uncanny balance and has been riding a two wheeled scooter, goofy footed, since he was 2. He does mixed martial arts and is playing piano. He is a smart little boy and quick learner. Char really enjoys painting and drawing and blows me away with his little sketches sometimes. He and I have dates at the local drink wine and paint shop to feed our mutually creative souls (I don't really get to drink the wine when he is my date, but we still have fun). Littlest Dudes favorite bands as of late are Red Hot Chili Peppers, Black Eyed Peas, Queen, and Mamma's all time favorite, PRINCE. Charlie has a bit of a temper. These boys of mine are half Italian, a quarter Irish, and a quarter Scottish. There is very little peace and quiet in my house. Not only does he have the best laugh, he also has thee loudest scream. (He's a Gemini). Charlie wants to be a pilot, an X-gamer, a professional roller coaster rider, a video game designer, or a "movie maker".

The best dog in the whole wide world. He is huge but thinks he's like 10 pounds. We have had Zeke since he was a bitty baby. He is a lovvver. Zeke's favorite place is the beach. He is friends with every dog he meets. He sheds all over my dark wood floors and scratches them with his nails. It drives me bonkers, but I love him anyway.
Sonny (AKA Sonny Bono)
We adopted Sonny about a couple of years ago so Zeke would have a friend. He was a rescue. He is growing on me. The boys love him. He barks a lot and has bad breath. Sonny loves to burrow under blankets and be in your face or on your lap at all times. He also loves to sun bathe and is getting used to the beach. He loves to "protect" us.
There they are...the men in my life. They fill my heart to just about bursting, and keep me obnoxiously busy.






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